About Galapagos Tourism Network

Galapagostour.net – Galapagos Tourism Network is part  of The Authentic Traveller Inc., we are a tourism holding that supports specialty travel experiences around the globe. 
We have a passion for organizing tours to the Galapagos islands, the Galapagos islands are our dreamland, we can be in close contact with nature and help preserve it through responsible planning of tours.

Galapagos tours are just as fun planning as taking them, we are in constant contact with local operators of tours and cruise boats, they are our friends and it is fun to work with them. It is just as fun working with you the person that takes the tours, we will help you select the right tours at a fair price.
The purpose of our Galapagos tours website is to inform people what to expect when choosing tours to the Galapagos Islands and how to organize better tours. By doing this we fullfill two important objectives:

1) We help travellers maximize their value and time on tours in the Galapagos islands finding better tours for their budget and interests. In return we hope travellers during their tours learn as much as they can about nature conservation and view the fragility of the environment through the eyes of the scientists at the Darwin research station and the many people interested in a healthy planet. We hope visitors share this knowledge with friends and family and protect the environment near their homes.

2) Filter out unwanted guests to the Galapagos islands, people not interested in wildlife. If you do not come with interest in helping the preservation of the Islands, do not come, it is not a mainstreem tourist destination. Tours to the Galapagos islands Involve waking up at 6h00 am every day, hiking several miles a day and respecting strict environmental rules.

Galapagostour.net does not just sell tours, it was created and is maintained by a group of friends of the Galapagos Islands, amongst us are owners of cruise ships and yachts, hotels and tour operators that organize tours to the Galapagos Islands, all based in Ecuador. 


Our travel specialists have a passion for organizing life chaning trips. Because they have experienced the joy of traveling, the specialist who designs your trip will understand what makes a journey meaningful. They understand how it is possible to fall in love with a particular place and develop a lasting relationship. Through first-hand experience, you can see how a deep relationship blossoms over time. This combination of passion and knowledge is what will allow them to find the travel experiences they cherish and enjoy sharing with you.

Juan Magallanes
Juan Magallanes

PTS (Platinum Travel Solutions) was established in 1974 by the Magallanes – Pinto family, and incorporated in Sao Paulo. Mr. Magallanes changed direction in 2002 onboarding his nephew Mr. Jonathan Pinto, changing the name of the company to Authentic Travel, Mr. Magallanes continues to be the chairman and CEO up to the day. Juan grew up in Rio de Janeiro and as a young man, was working for one of the largest tour operators in the world. He started PTS immediately after coming to the United States and in a mere couple of years, the company grew to be one of the largest specialists to South America, and had been known as the top luxury specialist tour operator to the region until the early 1980s. By the middle 1980’s the company had expanded its office around the continent, and as a result of these efforts, Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Galapagos have become some of Authentic Travel most important destinations. More recently, Antarctica became a major destination for the company.

Jhonatan Pinto
Managing Director
It was my first trip to South America. I was an excursion guide for campers from the USA in the Amazon basin of Ecuador and will never forget that first encounter in the rainforest. I was greeted by lush vegetation as I stepped into it. I was immediately greeted in the forest by a group spider monkeys swinging in trees in front of my face. After that, I spent as long as possible exploring the different regions of this South American gem. I trekked through the cloud forest, explored surf towns, and ventured to remote areas of the rainforest.

My Spanish skills improved and I began to spend more time talking with locals and learning about their culture, food, and customs. As I gained more knowledge about the country, my appreciation for it grew and so did my love of traveling and discovering new places. 
Olivia Pinto
Director of Operations

My move to Buenos Aires changed my entire life. I was excited, nervous, and didn’t know what to expect. I fell in love with the city as soon as I entered it. I was immediately smitten with the beauty and chaos of Buenos Aires and knew I had found my’soul place’. I made Buenos Aires my home for many years, my children grew up here and I took every opportunity to travel visiting other areas of South America. With each trip, my enthusiasm and connection to Latin America increased, I was happy to find my roots back in Rio de Janeiro, but my love is for the region as a whole. I am still amazed at the variety of landscapes and cultures throughout the region. No matter where I live, Latin America will always be home to me.

I left my career in finance and Authentic Travel has given me the opportunity to explore every corner of this magical region. I have learned so much about the cultures and the stunning natural beauty of these islands since joining. I can’t contain my love for these areas, no matter what I do. As a logistics Specialist, it’s my privilege to share this passion with others who plan trips to Latin America.

Flavia Christiani
Flavia Christiani

Flavia was six months old when she took her first trip to Fiji. Flavia was born in Georgetown, Guyana. She has lived in London, UK, and spent two more years in Western Canada. Before moving to Wilmington, Delaware, she is now a resident. Flavia has been working in the travel industry since 2010. She has held various sales management positions in the wholesale, retail, air, and insurance sectors. Flavia has traveled to 26 countries in Asia, Europe, Middle East, South Pacific, Europe and the Americas. Renee has an intense passion for adventure, and has been on numerous overland trips in Europe and the Americas. Flavia loves to travel and enjoys snowboarding, hiking and sampling the local cuisine.

Guillermo Castellhanos
Guillermo Castellanos
Galapagos Travel Specialist

Although I was born in Rio de Janeiro I grew up in the Midwest. My parents made sure that my life was filled with adventure. I was raised by my parents to be curious and eager to explore, whether it was hiking through the dunes or driving to the local Rodeo Festival. My first major journey into the unknown was to go to Orlando as a Disney child. This was followed quickly by semesters in Australia and Ireland, with weekends spent traveling throughout Europe. After college, I was employed by the Moscow’s (Idaho) Children’s Theatre. My tour partner and I were married and spent six years travelling the globe bringing theatre to children in places like Guantanamo bay, Cuba, and Anjung-Ri (South Korea). Authentic Travel was my first choice after leaving my nomadic life. My children and I travel a lot together in Idaho, so when we aren’t planning trips, I love to share the adventure with them. My wife is from Quito and we spend at least 3 months every year in Ecuador.

I am one of the experts of choice for the Galapagos, and I would love to help you plan a trip today!

Daniela Muller
Daniela Muller
Peru Travel Specialist
Born from a Swiss father and a Brazilian mother, I am native from Zurich but live in Berlin. What can I say, the best of two words. I am a clockwork orange with leisure in between. After graduating from university, I traveled to Peru for the first time. I spent six months teaching English in Cusco, an Andean city. I have always been fascinated by South America’s history and culture. I ended up spending many years in Cusco after my teaching contract expired. I enjoyed walking the cobbled streets and hiking in the mountains.

My many years spent in Peru (first Cusco, then Lima) gave me the opportunity to travel the country, learn more about the culture and people and the differences between the regions. There are so many experiences to be had here, including dining at some of the best restaurants in Lima and kayaking on Lake Titicaca. Night walks through the Amazon jungle can also be enjoyed. It is home to my two children, who were both born here. My husband is a Peruvian chef and leads one of the top Latin American venues in Charlottenburg, we are constantly visiting family in the Sacred Valley.