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Traveling and Vacations in The Galapagos Islands

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Galapagos Islands Travel

Galapagos Islands Travel is amongst the most rewarding travel experiences around the world, Galapagos is the most exotic travel destination on the globe attracts 70.000 visitors every year.

For the Galapagos Islands sake and conservation, travel to the archipelago is not easy and can be expensive. The purpose of our website is to illustrate and clarify what visiting the Galapagos islands is about.

Throughout our Galapagos Islands travel planner we explain:

  • What to expect when you travel to the Galapagos islands
  • The different attractions you will find in each of the Galapagos islands
  • Why some people should not visit the archipelago
  • Conservation tips, Galapagos national park rules and the foundations behind ecotourism
  • How to plan your Galapagos trip, what islands to visit, length of stay and budgeting your vacation
  • Activities permitted in the Galapagos archipelago and at which islands they are permitted
  • A guide to the tourism services in the archipelago, from cruise ships & yachts, to hotels & restaurants
  • What travel arrangements are necessary at mainland Ecuador and why travel to the rest of Ecuador
  • Finally we include links to the tourism websites of our preferred tour companies based on feedback from travelers

Cruising the Galapagos is a very special and unique experience. You can hike the trails as you admire blue footed boobies and giant tortoises.

Admire mysterious creatures like the armies of marine iguanas, flightless cormorants birds that have lost their ability to fly and penguins at the equator line. And other species that are endemic to this paradise.

The rich marine life is fascinating for those who like to practice snorkelling, a world as wonderful as the one above surface, colourful fish in schools, manta rays, sea turtles, hammer head sharks, whale sharks, and magnificent reefs.

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The Cruise and Tour experience with galapagostour.net

We will take you to the most significant spots in this paradise, which is located approximately 1.000 km (625 miles), from Ecuador’s mainland. No matter if you prefer a yacht or a small cruise ship, we have the cruise for you. We are pleased to offer you, as part of our first class service, gourmet meals, multilingual naturalist guides, safety on board, spacious and beautifully decorated touring vessels.

Words from the Galapagos Islands National Park administration – Administracion Parque Nacional Galápagos
The Archipelago is one of the few sites in the world where tourism is orientated distinctly around the nature, constituting a educational activity.

The areas of the National Park that are established for public use are found clearly marked and distributed in almost all of the main islands of the archipelago. There are 54 land sites to visit and 62 marine sites. Most of the sites are accessed by sea and for this tourism has principally developed to be carried out in organized groups, with an authorized guide, that arrive at visitor sites on board tourist boats.

Visitors to the PNG require the presence of one or more guides, the same that help the SPNG in the work of control and vigilance of the visitor sites, a job of great importance considering the size and dispersion of the archipelago and the high cost of management.

A system of fixed annual itineraries for the tourist trips have been organized, these itineraries are carried out taking into account the capacity of burden of each site, limiting the anchorage in account of size and number of boats and fragility of the site.

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